Colourful, dreamy and surprising pop with a touch of psychedelia from Italian group Mòn.

This quintet was born in Rome in 2014, and released two albums so far: “Zama” (May 2017) and “Guadalupe” (January 2019).

Their pop style is colourful and dreamy with a touch of psychedelia. Their songs don’t follow the traditional verse-chorus-verse scheme, but their melodies are always bright and immediate, and the way they cope with the aforementioned sound creates a lot of good vibes that make their music very catchy and easy to listen to.

“Guadalupe” was produced by one of the most important producers in Italy, Giacomo Fiorenza, and his experience was crucial to give this new record more strength and effectiveness.

There’s a lot of melodic, vocal and sound ideas in these 36 minutes, and, consequently, an ever changing mood, with every single feeling and sensation musically portrayed clearly and without compromises.

Listening to Mòn means entering a whirlwind of harmonies, rhythms, bumps and mood swings, for a trip that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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Photo: Laura Penna

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