The Colors

The flagship Mongolian indie band keeps producing sunny tunes suggesting that their home Ulaanbaatar is a tropical rather than a central Asian city.

Just a few months after their recent full-length album, “Unuudur Heden on Be? Noyon Tagtaa”, The Colors gave us this funky single titled adequately to its mood, “The Light Within”. And a year later, it received an equally joyful video clip.

First and foremost, “The Light Within” is a showcase of Togtuun Gansukh’s singing talents (and the musicality of the Mongolian language). But its other distinguishing feature are the strings arranged by The Colors’ producer, Munkh-Orgil Turbold, and performed by La Campanella Quartet.

Play it once, and you’ll keep it on repeat forever.

The Colors on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

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