A series of emotional videos from one of Thailand’s most acclaimed alternative bands announce their long-awaited comeback.

For July 14th, Monomania are preparing a great live premiere of their new album “Before the Dawn”, which has been crowdfunded by their fans who collected over 3,000 dollars on an online platform Asiola.

But this spring has been already busy for the Bangkok-based group, as Monomania gave us two fresh singles from the album, interconnected by the director Prae Piyada who produced two different but equally poignant videos for both songs.

“Maya” (มายาคน), released earlier in April, touches on the case of choices we make in our everyday life – whether to be honest and follow your own path, or to fake someone else’s.

A slow-burner, it gradually builds on (amazingly produced) guitars and nostalgic verses only to erupt in middle part – and leave you wanting to hear it again.

Their second and most recent video to date, “Eternity” (อีกยาวนาน), was directed in a similar slow-mo fashion. Here, Monomania become a bit more mellow and meditative, quite appropriately to the title.

A piece with a haunting vocal part and a solemn, beautifully arranged chorus, it takes full 7 minutes to unfold. And that’s actually a good illustration to the song’s lyrics about memories of long-lost love, ones that are painful but you’d still prefer not to let them go.

Both singles promise a profound full-length record that took quite a while to be written and recorded, but this will offer a lasting value in these frantic times.

As Monomania has appeared in our Best of 2014 and Best of 2015, you should expect to see them in this year’s beehype wrap-up as well.


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