Ecuadorian group Morfeo delve even deeper into expertimental rock with more and more electronic elements – and sometimes nightmarish atmosphere.

You might have heard about Morfeo, since their second album “Ra” appeared in our recommendations for 2016. It showed the group evolve from acoustic folk to a new, entirely electric new sound with fuzzy basses and distorted, delayed guitars.

It didn’t take them much time to release another album called “IzanaMi“, earlier this year. Lasting half an hour, it brings more electric, sometimes even electronic elements to their sound palette.

You can also feel there’s even more of “love, aberration, detachment, aversion, digression and melancholy” that constituted the dark atmosphere of their previous works.

The third track on the album and the first video off this new release, “ALBA.” is a great introduction to the new material with a soft, even dreamy beginning and gradual build-up of instrumental (and emotional) tension.

Out of the five proper tracks on this album (plus an intro and outro), two songs include guest featurings of Juan Enderica in a sleepy “Deja Vu’s”, and singer Polina Cold in a more electronic “Hollocoaster”, sung in English.

Generally, it might feel like Morfeo are having their “Kid A” moment right now, and that is more than welcome.

Stream “IzanaMi” on Bandcamp.


Photo: Luna Azul

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