Morfeo seem primed to release their second LP with the release of its first single “Más”.

The sounds are somewhat distant from their stellar debut “Morfeo y el misterio de la unión”, which was tinged with folk influences and had a more acoustic approach, while the new sound is entirely electric (and electrifying) with fuzzy basses and distorted, delayed guitars.

The shift in direction came with a refreshed line-up (and accompanying EP), which reduced the bigger live ensemble (seen here) to a more traditional rock band line-up.

The tone and content of the music remains somber as ever, and accompanied by an equally frantic video, the single certainly leaves the audience with a subtle taste of what is coming up in “RA”, slated for realease on July 27th.

The band themselves have stated what you can expect from their album in a statement released along with a promo for the album:

“Amor, aberración, desapego, aversión, desencuentros, melancolía son algunos de los sentimientos que se encuentran en el tercer material discográfico de Morfeo.”

“Love, aberration, detachment, aversion, digression and melancholy are some of the feelings found in Morfeo’s third discographic production.”


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