After Aias, other group from Barcelona, Mourn have become the second Spanish band to join the US label Captured Tracks, the home of artists like Mac DeMarco, Wild Nothing, DIIV or Girls Names.

But everyone still seems to care more about their age – between 15-18 years – than about their music. Precocity and capacity, something that can be related. And is related in that case indeed.

“It’s tiring, it’s tiring. We don’t know what to say. We play what we like as we go. We don’t think it takes to have a certain age or maturity to play one style or another and make our own songs,” Carla Pérez, one of the four members, answered the boring question about their age, laughing.

They know they’ve made the most exciting garage-nineties-debut in the decade, so they don’t need to demonstrate nothing. They have songs: hard shots right to the stomach. Pure emo-rock guitars. A teenage shout that is highly enjoyable. And talks for itself.

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