Moxizishi (莫西子诗)

Psychedelic reggae funk pop indie rock from Beijing.

Beijing-based Yi (southwestern Sichuan) musician Moxizishi, has been steadily making a name for himself these past five years. Utilizing the rhythm and vocal stylings of traditional Yi minority music and injecting it with an experimental even improvisational energy that allows the songs to organically find a poetic nirvana.

He once again mesmerizes on “We Are All” (我们都是) which finds the artist taking refuge in the pine forests and mountains where he grew up all the while playing on a larger canvas sonically.

It’s a dizzying concoction of world music influences, spearheaded by the singer’s soaring voice, with just enough psychedelic allure, reggae funk pop motion, and indie rock aplomb to get the weariest listeners intrigued.


Moxizishi on Douban, Xiami, Netease.

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