MRFY + Matter

Debauched rock attraction teams up with trap first responders for a summer banger.

MRFY and Matter were first moved to collaborate through a joint performance at an event directed by the Val 202 radio station. But one could argue that a mutual project was inevitable: the two groups share a penchant for excess, consistently deliver musical excellence, and cater to hordes of young fans in the arenas of rock and trap, respectively. So it is no surprise that the studio recording birthed by the team-up is a proper summer banger: “Zonzei”.

The song takes their respective genres, celebratory guitars and bass-heavy trap production, and blends them seamlessly. It doesn’t even shy away from adding a tribal touch to the third verse, delivered by the bad boy Tunja.

The lyrics draw on familiar Matter imagery as much as new, absurd associations. And if the title itself might evoke the image of a sensei, a wise old master teaching the young in his art, rest assured that nothing here indicates that any of the two will soon be passing the torch. Instead, MRFY and Matter are at the top of their game.

The accompanying sunset beach video, created by Stanovanje 38 and Gliser, is as unabashedly cheesy as it is indicative of both groups’ status as scene heartthrobs. Or boybands, if you will. Zonzei is the stuff memes are made of – and the best part is that it works.


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