Mtsvane Otakhi (მწვანე ოთახი)

Some of the loveliest indie-pop songs you’ll hear this year might come from Georgia.

has been around for almost 20 years already. Having gone through myriads of line-up and style shifts, this project, from its inception, has been led by Achiko Guledani.

Initially, he practiced Jamiroquai-type funk-rock – the style that brought band’s first big hits. Then he switched to alternative rock and electronic dance music.

The bands new incarnation returns with a couple of exciting songs.

“L for Love” is a lovely indie pop piece, a laidback song that can fill the listener with warmth in these cold winter days.

Most recent “Vsuntkav” (Georgian for “I Breathe”) is a very beautiful ballad that recalls the psychedelic heyday of The Beatles and baroque pop The Zombies.


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