Caribbean rhythms, sweet voices and melodies, with the presence of rich percussions, transport you immediately to a world of magic, coast and dance.

After giving us one of the best Latin American albums of the last year – the celebrated, dance-oriented “Aguas” – it’s time for MULA to follow the course. The trio of powerful women continue their music travels, returning to Colombia, visiting Ecuador, and celebrating – this time with the release of “Sirena”.

MULA’s formula is still intact. The Caribbean dance rhythms such as the dembow, dancehall, and merehouse, keep having that magical relationship with electronics. And again, we see gigantic Rachel who carries this production on her shoulders, beat by beat.

Anabel and Cristabel already know the scene, their voices as always become one, with catchy choruses on their side. They are the leaders of this massive dance, inviting us to join them for a while. As they plan to continue presenting more new songs, we can be sure they will be part of their next bigger production.


Photo: Raúl Fernandez

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