From anger to love and hope, Filipino indie folk collective Munimuni examine a range of human experiences on their newest album “Alegorya”.

Seven years ago we called Munimuni’s debut EP a masterpiece of “mystical edge and simplicity“, and a year later we couldn’t stop listening to their single “Oras”. Another year came by, and they appeared in our Best Albums of 2019. So where are we now, in 2024?

We get Munimuni’s new full-length album called “Alegorya”. “We have always written songs out of our own experiences,” says the band. “Our latest album represents a diverse range of human experiences, including anger, disillusionment, longing, comfort, love, and hope.”

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It’s clear they didn’t try to simplify anything. “It acknowledges the complexity of life,” they add. When listened to as a whole, Munimuni suggest, the album should urge us “to look beyond what is apparent on the surface and discover the underlying realities behind the things we take for granted.”

Among the album’s highlights are the eponymous track “Alegorya” and “Respeto”. Both are a great taste Munimuni’s special tinge of folk, starting delicate with vocals being almost alone, but gradually turning into a beast – until a not unexpected explosion.

Stream “Alegorya” LP on Spotify and Apple Music.


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