To appreciate every minute of your life more, spend the next 5 minutes with Filipino folk group Munimuni and their recent single dedicated to “Time”.

Munimuni is a quintet of (starting from left) Jolo Ferrer, Josh Tumaliuan, Adj Jiao, TJ de Ocampo and John Owen Castro. They are also authors of one of the most beautiful folk songs we’ve heard this year, a mesmerizing 5-minute piece called “Oras”, which means “Time”.

While in the core of the song, naturally, are a few cords of the acoustic guitar, what you’ll keep focused on are fantastically long vocal lines and, flirting with them, flute. But there are some sweet drums, guitar details and the overal atmosphere that starts tenders, but ends ardent.

“Oras” is accompanied by a black-and-white video directed by Nukie Timtiman and Glenn Chua. It brings a series of feverish video loops, slightly in the vain of “Koyaanisqatsi”, constantly speeding up to ilustrate how life flies by in front of our eyes – yet unnoticed. So, let’s wake up?


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Photo credit: Nukie Timtiman

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