Musical O

After seven long years, Manila-based post/indie rockers Musical O are back with their second LP, made of intricate compositions and thick sound.

You might have already seen Musical O’s fantastic single “House Tea” in our list of 2016’s best Filipino tracks. It came out just before the summer and was a great promise for the band’s self-titled second album.

Now an experienced quintet with four guitars and one drummer, Musical O eventually released a few weeks ago – 7 years after their debut effort aptly titled “Debutante”. And they get the most of their classic setup both writing- and soundwise.

“Musical O” is a story rather than just a collection of 10 songs. It starts quite brightly, but then gradually darkens: arrangements get blurred, and tempos become slower. So while “House Tea” remains one of the highlights, be sure to check out the whole longplay to experience what one of the Philippines’ most fascinating rock groups have to say in 2017.

And if you are anywhere near Quezon City on March 18th, you can hear Musical O live as part of the The Rest Is Noise‘s 2nd anniversary line up.

Stream “Musical O” LP on Spotify.


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