Musique Chienne

Sarah Louise Barbett, better known as Musique Chienne (“Doggy Music” in French), published a lot of cryptic electronic tracks on her Soundcloud during last years, some of which – like the fantastic “Papillon de Nuit” – have been included on her tape “Etre en Vie”.

Cultivating the art of irony and kitsch by using cheesy synths sounds, absurd songs titles and funny self-made visuals about domestic animals, parks and daily life actions, those charming and addictive instrumentals – not so far from Aphex Twin’s obscure demo ballads, also revealed on Soundcloud – were the first step towards her new album’s exprimentations.

Without abandoning the spirit of those old records, “La Maison de Billy” expands it to new depths by incorporating more (quirky) vocals, instruments and house influences, like on “Cocktail de Voix” or the opener “Billy’s House” whose title is indeed a pun between the album’s name and the music genre.


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