New album by Natalia Kunitskaya aka Mustelide, “Ginseng Woman” is a concise move from the territory of experimenatal electronics and straight into club scene.

The album’s sound and arrangements are good for the dance floor, and as such can perhaps widen artist’s audience. Still behind a punchy dance exterior Natalia’s usual lyricism remains.

Mustelide is a talented singer, and where her vocals lack in power and range, she more than compensates with intimacy of intonation. This deeply human touch of the vocal track contrasts nicely with rigidness of electronic rhythm and creates a very appealing interplay that makes this disk rather special when compared to others in the same genre.

“Ginseng Woman” isn’t the deepest work of Mustelide, perhaps when compared to her first LP “Secret” it lacks in scale, and sheer wildness of imagination. It’s more straightforward, concise, almost devoid of cute childish weirdness present on Natalia’s previous works.

Still it’s a very good record that showcases some of her strongest sides – vocals and ability to create striking contrasts between her singing and instrumentation. It’s a good career move, too – Natalia can definitely benefit from a wider audience, and recording an accessible dance album is simply a right thing to do.

Album’s first track is very representative for the whole release. Here you have it all – strong rhythm, electronic bass, and detached outlandish vocals, all blending together nicely in a mysterious smooth groove. If you like it, don’t stop and keep listening – the rest of the record will follow-up nicely.

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