If you’ve been visiting some more interesting showcase festivals around Europe recently, there is a chance you’ve come across Mustelide’s impressive one-woman show.

Born Natallia Kunitskaya, Mustelide used to play in a number of Belarusian bands to finally decide she’s ready to write, sing and produce on her own. And indeed she was, as her early solo singles proved. Soon, she’d be unofficially named “the princess of Belarusian electronic music”.

Earlier this year, she released her second album “SPI”, a nine-track collection of atmospheric electronic tracks livened up by Mustelide’s airy vocals. While her live shows tend to drift in the dance direction quickly, her studio material takes the more dreamy, delicate and intriguing route.

The release of Mustelide’s debut album was accompanied by a fantastic video for the eponymous song “SPI”. Recently, it was followed by another great clip, for “Opushka”, directed by G-Ma.

And just a few days ago, Mustelide released a “pure VHS” video for “Rahat Lukum”. You can watch it here – and check out “SPI” LP in its entirety on Soundcloud.


Mustelide on Facebook, Instagram, SoundcloudYouTube.

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