Muzdawaj (مزدوج)

Progressive house meets Arabic music in the captivating new single from upcoming Jordanian producer and writer Muzdawaj.

Early in September, acclaimed Jordanian electronic project Arabs With Synthesizers relased a 3-track EP called “Resident of Nowhere“, with each song featuring their fellow Jordanian composer and producer Khaled Al Nweiran also known as Muzdawaj (مزدوج). Deeply influenced by house music, it brought a mix of global and local influcenes so characteristic for this group.

In this context, Muzdawaj’s solo works bring a bit similar approach, but you would also need to extend the time stamp of his sound as well. Obviously, it’s a work of the 21st century, and it’s got that genre ambiguity so typical for contemporary music – from club, electronic and ambient music to experiments with Arabic tradition. But it also celebrates synths and moods of the ever fashionable 80s.

The Amman-based producer and singer’s latest single, “Ali Bali”, is probably his best yet. With a fresh, full-fledged sound, catchy vocal lines (and eerie reverbs), and an irresistible groove in the background, the song will make you regret it ends just after 5 minutes. Play it again?


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