My Hawaii

My Hawaii is a Los Angeles-based sextet, which plays “American root music meets Japanese pops”. The band’s leader, Yohei Shikano (鹿野洋平), is a Japanese loves Brian Wilson.

Their latest effort, a second LP called “Mood Matters”, came out on April 6th on the Japanese label Flake Records. It includes their first Japanese song called “Setsuna” (刹那), which means “a precious moment”.

This piece was inspired by a dream Yohei had in Hiroshima. In that dream, he was waiting for the moment when rain will stop, but actually – it didn’t rain.

On this acoustic song, Miles plays the percussion, bass drum, synthesizer, cello – and handclaps. Yohei sings, plays the guitar, steel guitar, banjo, and also samples noises from a humidifier in a hotel in Sapporo, and some bustle from Osaka.


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