My Skin Against Your Skin (激膚)

Originally a group of two, with the lead vocalist Andrea and the bassist Si-Lu Yu, My Skin Against Your Skin (MSAYS) is famous for it’s unique and powerful rock sounds produced through only one bass and a drum machine.

Having been recognized as one of the best rock bands in Taiwan, when they are on the stage it’s hard to take eyes off their performance – since there were only one singer and one bass player.

Compared with other rock bands, the most unique thing about MSAYS is that by using different equipment, they can create guitar sounds and effects by using only one bass, but their music is still fresh and powerful – and can easily grab audience’s ears.

Their new video “Life is for Living” (生存的城市) has been shot by iPhone during their visit at Russia’s renowned V-ROX Festival. With a new drummer Jesse adding to the lineup, MSAYS will certainly become much stronger and give everyone who loves music with more electro-rock music sounds.


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