Myopia is an incredible new duet from Kyiv that plays experimental piano-rock. They made their début with a self-titled EP earlier this year and got positive feedback from the Ukrainian music journalists, critics and listeners. It consists of three songs that leave you thirsty for more and make you instantly hit the repeat button.

It’s impressive how the two musicians feel the music and make instruments supplement each other in a unique harmonious way. Even though you can call the format minimalistic, you certainly can’t say that their music is minimalistic.

It’s deep, full of emotions, inner power and passion. Piano and drums get connected into one impressive entity and when you stop listening to it, the music keeps reverberating in your mind for a long time.

“All the time” would be my highlight pick from this EP. Piano sounds powerful and even aggressive in the chorus. Deep voice of Anton Sheetel creates the atmosphere of despair, slight melancholy and intensity. It’s better to listen to it live when the sound is loud enough to express all the emotions and you can feel the musicians’ energy.

The other songs from EP, “Role” and “Wrong”, are just as great in their own way. We’d highly recommend you to check out this band and follow them as they become more professional and carve their own style.

You can stream “Myopia” EP in its entirety here.


Myopia on Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.

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