Nadàr Solo

A three piece rock band from Turin, Nadàr Solo have just released their fifth album, “Semplice”, on October 5th.

Matteo De Simone (vocals, bass), Federico Putilli (guitars) and Andrea Dissimile (drums) titled this album “Semplice” (Simple) just because, in their own word, “it’s like a newborn baby, a beating heart, an exploding bomb”.

Nadàr Solo’s melodic rock was always strong and straightforward, but this time the sound spectrum is wider than in the past, as you can hear in the recent single “Aprile”, which features piano in most of the song.

The single is a perfect example of the band’s strengths: a catchy melody, a chorus that makes you want to sing it loud and intense lyrics about a troubled and controversial relationship.

Nadàr Solo are the kind of band that can give you positive energy by singing about everyday life difficulties and social issues, because good rock music has the power of showing off what’s wrong and, at the same time, giving you the will to carry on.


Photo: Martina Caruso

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