Nadia Mattsson

Combining Swedish and English lyrics with beautiful songwriting and production, the newcomer NADIA keeps us repeatedly enchanted.

The amount of songs that’s being released these days makes us wonder who got the time to listen and care for all of them. So, to stay with me you have to bear something special, something that forces me to never switch to another song again.

It’s not often it happens but NADIA from Gothenburg got me hooked from the first line on her last single “Som om vi inte fanns” (“As if we didn’t exist”). The song is in Swedish but the keywords faith and doubt is universal and I guess that the feelings NADIA conveys with her voice and sound is stronger than just words.

The best thing with NADIA is that she combines both English and Swedish when she writes music. That make her a star to look for in the future. And if she continues to write, sing and produce on this kind of level, we surely will keep hearing about her.


Nadia Mattsson on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify.

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