Nadia Nair

A daughter of a Malaysian mother and a Swedish father, Nadia Nair grew up in Gothenburg and has been an active musician since… early chilhood.

She started playing violin when she was five, and by her teenage years she was an experienced singer both as a solo performer (if just in front of her family) and as a member of a choir. Soon she started writing her own compositions. She learnt the piano and the guitar. And for the secondary education she chose a music school.

All of this was followed by all kinds of experiments with songwriting and music recording. So when she met the producer Victor Rådström a few years ago, she was ready to go overground immediately. The first result of their collaboration was “Bon Voyage” EP, released over two years ago, and a couple of more singles.

The most recent one, “Something Something Something”, came out just two weeks ago and it announces Nadia’s full-length debut, “Beautiful Poetry”, set for release in April.

“It’s an ending song for me… Because it’s about something coming to an end painfully,” Nadia told us about this song. “So I made it the outro on my album, the last song in the tracklist.”

Why did she release the closing track as the first single? “I read the last page first when I get a new book because I’m always anxious about the endings,” she said. “I wanted to give it to the listener the same way. Maybe turn a bad habit into a good one.”

As she explains, “Something Something Something” is a song about sorrow that comes from a break-up or something leaving. “Because it’s the outcome of us just being us flawed and all. It’s a one take… that ends with the title that sort of sums up how I felt trying to sing about a feeling I couldn’t put a name on while I was overwhelmed with emotion,” Nadia said.

“It’s strange and raw and almost like feeling sick. But it is what it is.”


Photo: Alexandra Ellmark Tornberg

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