Nadin & Gabriel (Q&A)

Nadin & Gabriel are a duo of an Iraqi/Egyptian singer Nadin Al Khalidi and a Swedish guitarist Gabriel Hermansson, who are also founding members of Tarabband, a multicultural group based in Malmö. They’ve recently released an acoustic version of Tarabband’s outstanding song “Baghdad Choby”. We’ve asked Gabriel to tell us more.

“The song’s about a meeting on a dance floor in Malmö, Sweden. Reminding the main person in the lyrics about the Iraqi Choby dance, danced in a group of people. The music and rhythm make her remember Baghdad, the city of peace. It´s a nostalgic hommage to her beloved home country that she was forced to leave behind her”.

“The original version, performed by Tarabband, is included on the album “Ya Sidi” from 2012. The new acoustic version is a demo tune, only available on Soundcloud, and not yet included on an album. Me and Nadin plan to make an album in the near future with this more acoustic touch”.

Thank you Gabriel! And here’s the original version by Tarabband:

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