Nalyssa Green

I first met her back in 2010, when she self-released her wonderful debut album “Barock“.

Having ten emotional – mainly acoustic – compositions, she grabbed a lot of music lovers’ attention. One year later Inner-Ear released and distributed officially her first album, following one more full-length for the same label.

Her first albums were dappled with sad-slow melodies and sensitive folk-rock songs, using mostly guitars, keyboards and theremin. This young Athenian singer-songwriter opened for important foreign artists (Cat Power and Yann Tiersen among others), and composed music for theatrical plays while collaborating with many Greek musicians during her career. Many of them are quite familiar to beehype’s readers like Leon Of Athens, Lumiere and Film to name a few.

Singing so far mainly in English, she released this summer “Κοκτέιλ”, a ’70s influenced song with catchy greek lyrics, having more than 124.000 views on YouTube channel. A fact which is quite extraordinary in a small country like Greece, for an artist that doesn’t belong to the mainstream music scene.

“And what about the song, is it good?” you’ll probably wonder. I bet it is! A small anthem for the summer we left behind, cool and sweet as the best cocktail you ever had.

A gentle quirky electro-pop song that although it uses familiar elements and tempo, succeeds to stay in your mind every moment of your daily life this autumn, as the lost love affair you had in your last summer vacation.

Some weeks ago the song received an additional video and rework from the talented artist Pan Pan, adding some leftfield electronic sensibilities and beats. I feel dizzy and I want to drink all of you through two straws!


Nalyssa Green on Facebook, Bandcamp.

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