Namian Sidibé

After performing at “weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies”, Mali’s young talent Namian Sidibé presents her self-titled debut album.

This record is an occasion to learn about the sumu tradition – if you haven’t had a chance – which is about praise songs.

They are usually performed at public performances, so loud and strong, but Bamako’s rising star Namian Sidibé on her first album shows her warm, intimate side, focused on her voice and acoustic sounds, everything recorded in her home.

“This message is inherent to the music, with accolades to historic figures, stories of heroism, and generational advice,” says the acclaimed label Sahel Sounds, “with pieces that reach into the past, echoing the melodies of manding court music from ancient kingdoms.

Stream “Namian Sidibé” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Namian Sidibé on Instagram, Bandcamp.

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