Naomi Wachira

Possibly the most soulful voice in the contemporary Kenyan scene, Naomi Wachira is back with a beautiful new album, “Song of Lament”.

As a “a stark and heartfelt reflection on the contemporary world and the human experience therein”, Wachira’s new album is a sorrowful experience, but – as you could expect if you know this talented artist – it’s also inspiring.

Through the 11 songs that make up “Song of Lament”, the singer-songwriter defines the problems of modern world well, she doesn’t stop there though, but sets out to find solutions.

Wachira’s new material is as intriguing and ambiguous musically. She was born and raised in Kenya, and in the very roots of her artistic soul is probably her parents’ choir in a little town of Kijabe, where she sung her first notes at the age of 5.

After a while, however, she’s one of the leading folk voices from Kenya, currently Seattle-based artist and drawing inspirations from what she can hear around her – and that’s what you’ll also hear and feel on “Song of Lament”.

There’s soul, there’s country, there’s reggae, and more – always filtered through her roots. This couldn’t be better exemplified as in “Mûrathimwo”, the second-last song on the album, which – don’t worry – will only inspire you rather than bring you down.

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