Natalie Carolan

We first heard about Natalie Carolan last May when she released her proper debut single, “Time“, a break-up song whose direct chorus quite clearly looked at radio playlists.

At the end of the year the Melbourne-based, jazz educated singer announced she’s working on her first album. She also shared a new track, “Vices“, a slow-burning piano ballad with drifting vocals and otherwordly atmosphere.

After another few months she’s back today giving us her best effort yet, a four-minute beauty “She’ll Know How It Goes” produced by James Saunders.

And indeed, the moment she starts, “So the story goes / Again, again,”, you can feel she precisely knows where she wants to take the listener this time.

The story grows gradually from an inconspicious intro to a grand culmination at the end, but Natalie is careful enough not to overdose the main motif to makes you play it, just like she predicted, again and again.


Natalie Carolan on Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

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