Natasha Humera Ejaz

Contemplative new song from one of the most versatile artists to come from Pakistan.

It’s been a while since we last heard from Natasha Humera Ejaz. Her most recent EP, “Till the End of Time,” was released way back in 2015. But given her versality – apart from writing songs and singing, she is also involved in dancing, choreographing, acting and drawing – she had a lot to keep her occupied.

However, new music is in the works and judging by the recent single it will be worth the wait. “God in Me” unfolds very gracefully, displaying its many layers, one by one. The deep tones of the French horn, Ejaz’s silky voice and subtle electronic touches gradually come together, to make for an ethereal, gentle piece that feels almost meditative.

Contemplative atmosphere with a hint of jazzy quirkiness is somewhat Ejaz’s speciality, and that combination is perfectly executed here. Hopefully, the upcoming EP will bring us more of such beautiful, dreamy music.


Photo: Shahrukh Khurshid Productions

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