Natasha Noorani

Hauntingly beautiful, calming melody packed with emotional lyrics from Natasha Noorani – and her super talented team.

Lahore-based artist and ethnomusicologist Natasha Noorani recently released a new single “Trace”. This release comes after her 2018 debut EP titled “Munaasib” and while she has been involved in many incredible music projects coming out of Pakistan, a new single by her has been much-awaited.

Recently Natasha also had a new hit single “baby babt” for a new Pakistani music show called Velo Sound Station, sponsored by a nicotine company. The show aims to revive pop music in Pakistan. But when you listen to “Trace” you can feel that this independently released song by Natasha is more her actual vibe and from the heart.

Her previous EP “Munaasib” beautifully demonstrated her diverse range in vocal style as well as poetic song-writing. Similarly, “Trace” has that hauntingly beautiful, calming melody but also packed with emotion lyrically.

The song also features Lahore’s most under-rated singer-songwriter Shorbanoor and was produced by Ali Suhail, one of Pakistan’s music scene’s most stylistically diverse musicians and producers. So it is amazing to see this song as a product of such a highly skillful and talented team.

Let’s not forget, the direction of this trippy video was done by Natasha and Abdul-Rehman Malik. There was a time when Karachi was known for its indie music scene, but 2020 proves that Lahore is where it’s at. More on that later.


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Photo credit: themildwitch

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