One of most outstanding Chilean singer-songwriters offers a sneak peak of her upcoming album.

Recently, Natisú premiered two brand new songs. It’s her first original material since 2014’s “La Historia,” which occupied a prominent place on beehype’s best of list.

“Paisaje” is a mellow serenade led by a beautiful melody and intricate arrangements. Adorned with multi-layered vocals, discreet orchestrations, and ambient textures, it’s a brilliant display of Natisú’s exceptional songwriting skills.

“La Distancia,” on the other hand, starts with a sparse piano chords, to develop into ethereal pop-song, and finish on a minimal-trance note. Despite its multifaceted character, its progression seems fluent and organic, maintaining astonishing cohesiveness throughout.

In fact, both songs exhibit the heart-wrenching fragility so essential to Natisú’s artistry. Her ability to create original, versatile, and deeply affective music remains unparalleled and continues to amaze.


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