The Natsuyasumi Band

Summer holiday season has come! Tokyo-based quartet The Natsuyasumi Band – The Summer Holiday Band – has just released their third album, “Phantasia”.

From this record, they’ve shared “Grand Master Memories“, a collaboration with Yomeiri Land on SoundCloud, and “Odyssey” on You Tube, which starts with a graceful piano, followied by twinkling steelpan, and a suddenly intense melody of synthesizer that might throw us into outer space.

In the middle of “Odyssey’s” video, directed by Katsuki Tanaka, we can see an animation of the group’s members flying, which moves us from ordinary life to science fiction. But don’t worry. The Natsuyasumi Band was back to the globe in order to play at Fuji Rock festival, one of the largest events in Japan. Now you can see their photos on here and here.

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