Having just returned after a hiatus, one of Croatia’s most promising bands is working on a comeback EP and we recently heard the first taste of it.

I watched Nellcote at a festival in Croatia two and a half years ago. They played a very good show on a small stage, and I thought they were going to make their way into the Croatian music scene quickly. But I was wrong, Nellcote disappeared…

Now, they are back and they have new single called “If Only They Could”, which is the first taste of their upcoming new EP. The song is a great combination of americana, folk and blues. And it’s accompanied by a great music video by the director Dino Santeleza.

I hope they will produce more music in their bedroom, because if they continue doing similar stuff, Nellcote will become a much bigger band very soon – unless they disappear again.


Nellcote on Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp.

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