Neoma & Pastizales

Pastizales teams up with Neoma in a pandemic love story.

After two years of musical hiatus, Pastizales is back with an experimental approach of their folk roots. First, teaming up with Letelefono and Lolabum’s singer Pedro Bonfim in the dissonant experimental album, “El Destino”, Bernardo Arévalo is back with a more ambiental approach with pop singer Neoma as his collaborator.

Mixing Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, “Vuelo8110” (“Flight8110”) paints us a pandemic picture of love and distance. The listener is welcomed as if it were their on nostalgic return with a mix of an airplane engine turning into Neoma’s sweet voice blasting off with an already renowned phrase for the Ecuadorian crowd: “O dia todo chato, chato eu estou apaxionado”, sampled in Lolabúm’s “El Sonido Imperceptible de Escribir por Celular”.

Neoma takes us into this somehow familiar love story of wrong-place or wrong-time marked by the distance and reflection that the pandemic took over us, escalating through the song as the rapidness and rush of infatuation one feels.

One can’t help but to feel in a plane, with the distance of the sound and espacial effects with the mantric singing that leads us into this story, looking back into the last time we saw that person, or that place we would like to be or were before it all started, looking for missed opportunities or change after finding something completely different and frustrating.

It’s a magnificent but tragic love story we can all relate to in this new and faraway reality, you can stream “Vuelo8110” or watch their video.


Neoma on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Pastizales on Facebook, Instagram.

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