Nesesari Kakalulu

It’s 2018. Everything is possible. Even an afrobeat band from Slovenia. Well, a band… An orchestra!

Nine fierce musicians sometimes joined by a small female choir. Large bands are known to posses some kind of unique power, a united musicianship, and Nesesari Kakalulu are managing to do exactly that.

Their nod to the legacy of Fela Kuti started in 2016 and in the past 2 years evolved into a powerful expression. Nesesari became a live band known to make the audience dance, move and shake.

During this rhythmical ritual there’s enough space for exploration and solo trips, while the vocals definitely add a strong and welcome layer.

Nesesari Kakalulu managed to transfer this live energy into their self-titled debut released in the end of January, which is now available for all ears open to some proper Slovenian afrobeat.

Stream “Nesesari Kakalulu” on Bandcamp.


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