Turkey heard about Neval in January this year, when she released her first single “Terelelli”. It is nice to get another one, “Agamemnon”, in the same year. I hope she keeps producing music at least on this level.

Agamemnon is a mythological character who commanded united Greek armies in the Trojan War. But there was no wind in the air, which blocked them to sail to the war. He decided to sacrifice his daughter to Artemis. In the last minute, a hind was sent to him and he sacrificed the hind instead of his daughter.

At the end of the war, when he came back with another woman, his wife and her lover killed Agamemnon to revenge their girl and the new pop-up woman. I mention tihs story because it is interpreted both in the song and the video, directed by Ebru Güney.

The song itself has a good atmospheric background, then Neva joins with her beautiful voice. She is using Classical Turkish Music style in a very measured way and she is not deforming or agitating that technique while singing.

Other layers follow them after a while, in a well arranged way. Lyrics and music belonged to Neval, while the arrangements come from Yuriy Ryadchenko. I should also mention one more thing: there are two zurna solos both are great and played by Ünal Yürük in the song – one in the middle, and second at the end.

To sum up, Neval entered Turkish music scene with two very strong steps, “Agamemnon” and “Terelelli” (below). I’m expecting to hear more of her works and enjoying them.


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