Since its formation in 2008, this four-piece quickly gained a reputation as a formidable force in Estonia’s music scene.

They were impulsive, scandalous, destructive and self-destructive, and in the end unable to overcome the goals of their own myth set up by heavenly heights. Their star burned brightly, no matter whether rising or falling.

Five years after the fuzzy debut album, they have come out with a second full-length effort that does not meet any expectations. The band, formerly known as merciless riff-rock cartel, is now much more adventurous, subtle and dreamy. There are genuine pop songs hidden beneath complex structures and rhythms – you’ll get lost within spacious guitar patterns, whilst mystic dance of the bass guitar will entangle your feet and make you move in ways you never moved before. The subconscious stream of futuristic space-tale lyrics exacerbates the impression given by musical palette, but, fortunately, does not explain anything. Things work on two levels here, chopping and changing like alternating spouts of amnesia and obsession.


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