New People

Six months ago an e-mail came to us announcing a brand new septet called New People with a new single promising new, “Better Ways” to communicate.

Musicians themselves weren’t so new. Two of them come from one of Poland’s most acclaimed indie bands, The Car Is On Fire. Two other have been involved in projects you should already know from beehype: Magnificent Muttley and Drekoty. And the rest… we’ll write about their original bands one day, too.

But while all those experiences give them a coherent and confident sound from the very first release, this new project does bring along the first-day-of-school freshness energy you’d expect of newcomers, especially named like this. New People seem to be a child of fun and laughter, and they probably are.

So it also seemed natural that when they recently announced going into the studio to record material for their debut album and shared a new song called “Banana Split” just before that, it was accompanied just by one simple call: “Smile!”


New People on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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