Nicole Bunout

“Crisálida” (Chrysalis) is the first album by Nicole Bunout, a talented Chilean songwriter and singer.

It’s a journey of inner recollection and growth, a moment of outside calm but of concentrated energy, in which existence’s most profound elements are transfigured leading to a flight, to fulfilment, to dreams coming true, and life.

Nicole shows this transformation through her voice’s expressiveness and her generous and insightful spirit. Her work collects ancestral ideas, drawing inspiration from natural elements such as sunlight or a forest’s soft and crunchy soil, mixing it with contemporary elements, play-words and sounds.

The musicians accompanying Nicole on this journey are connected with her perception of the world, achieving a shared sonorous image which is coherent with her esence, sensibility and musical paradigm, expressing changes, transformations, pains, games, and flights, profoundly driven by her feminine experience.

The arrangment process was done in a sort of workshop, in which the musicians’ spontaneity and experience merged to give “Crisálida” its rich colors and shades.

“Nabundearé” is the album’s first single, which enjoyed an excellent reception as part of the soundtrack for the Chilean television series “Soltera Otra Vez”. The song develops around a wordplay, creating a playful and free atmosphere.


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