Nicolò Carnesi

In recent years, Sicily produced a trio of talented and successful solo acts who actually have the sound of a full band.

Nicolò Carnesi is the youngest of this group that also includes Colapesce and Dimartino. He was born in 1987 and “Bellissima Noia” (Wonderful Boredom) is his third full album. It was released on September 30th and is a clear step forward for Nicolò in terms of sound building.

His previous album, “Ho Una Galassia Nell’Armadio” (I Have a Galaxy in My Closet), featured beautiful melodies and lyrics, but the songs sounded a bit overproduced and cold. This time, Nicolò (and whoever eventually worked with him) was able to build a deep and warm sound, and the attention to the details is a real added value.

Carnesi has always had a natural feel for melodies and lyrics and his voice was always strong and captivating. Finally, this new-found maturity about sound brings all the different pieces together to create a very good work of art.

The title track features a nice sound crescendo, with a good use of saxophone, and lyrics are about how boredom is something we are often scared of, but the ways we try to escape from it can bring us to even worse places.

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