Alternative dance disco. Disco not disco. Funk guitar indie. New wave Poland. Polish post-wave rock. Shoegaze żużeldance.

That’s the stream of tags Niemoc have used to describe their music on Bandcamp, and that’s actually quite adequate. (The explanation of the last one follows below).

The first time we wrote about them was back in 2016, when they’d just released their debut EP and played some important shows. They seemed to be on a trajectory to quick success in the alternative scene, maybe not just in Poland but around the region.

But in spite of some further releases, they seemed to have slowed afterwards. And that’s probably because Michał Drozda (guitars, bass, keys), Radek Reguła (guitars, bass, PC) and Filip Awłas (synths & programming) set on producing their first full-length album, which finally came out at the end of April via Seszele Records. The title is “Baśnie”, which means “Fairy Tales”.

The instrumental character of music makes Niemoc fully understandable globally. But it also lets them get quite creative with song names. So among titles like “Mitshubishi Evo VII”, “Bluetooth” or “144p”, you’ll find the first single and video off the release, “Miss Żużla”, or “Miss Speedway”.

And that’s where their best Bandcamp tag – “shoegaze żużeldance” – comes from. Just try to picture some speedway championships in a mid-sized Polish town. The sounds of motors and the type music played between races. The food and the smell of it being prepared. And of course – the girls.

Stream “Baśnie” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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