Temi Dollface

Apart from being a model – she’s been selected one of the best dressed female Nigerians of 2015 – Temitope Phil-Ebosie is an inspiring singer-songwriter performing under the monicker Temi Dollface.

Her music style matches her fashion imagination, as she freely combines funk, electro, afro beat, hip-hop, electronic music and the best modern pop can give us.

“As a creative I like to play with contrasts and words in a similar manner to what I do with clothes. It’s really just needing that one trigger or fragment of an idea and then I invent the rest myself,” she said.

She’s also a member of the recently-announced creative group Collectiv3, and this little pop gem comes off the first release of the Lagos-based group. Hopefully, more’s to come soon.


Temi Dollface on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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