Night Knight

Night Knight hail from Athens and is the side project of Serafeim Giannakopoulos, accompanied by bassist Stelios Provis, guitarist Minas Liakos and drummer Manolis Giannikios (Whereswilder). All songs are written, produced and sung by himself.

He’s also well-known as the drummer of Planet Of Zeus, probably one of the few rock bands that can carry out a sold out concert around Greece nowadays, gathering more that 2.000 or 3.000 fans when they play live and famous for their boisterousness and dynamism of their shows.

His debut album titled “God is a motherfucker” is at times more melodic and “poppish” compared with Planet Of Zeus’ heavy rock. For instance, there is a gorgeous simplicity in “The Story of a Fool”, a lovely Radiohead-like rhythmic part in “Turn Back Time”, an incredible catchy and wonderful line in “Set It On Fire”.

If the latter one was recorded by an American band it would certainly be a radio anthem, broadcasted by any respectable radio station.

Strongly influenced by the ‘70s rock scene and musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young or space rock intruders as Ash Ra Tempel, Night Knight presents 11 songs and a tune-packed first longplay, carrying gently heavy guitar riffs and moments that may give us a promise of becoming Greece’s answer to all-conquering British or American rock bands.


Night Knight on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp.

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