Protisvit” is the debut LP by a one man project Nightlines. Music producer Dominik Kopcsay is in his early 20s but Nightlines is not his first music experience.

He used to be a founder and a member of a band called Mesial and also studied classical music composition. Now he writes music on his own and we can listen to the way he feels via his recent release.

The title “Protisvit” is a name for a natural phenomenon when we basically see The Sun’s zodiacal light opposite to the star. Well, we definitely can see Dominik’s reactions to the Earth’s (meaning our society’s) situation on this record.

His music reaches its darker points the same as the topics he’s dealing with; his innerself as well as humanity’s issues. A good example would be the track “Čas”. On the other hand the songs can, in contrast, get bright and vivid while still keeping his signature.

Guitar, piano, violin and wind instrument samples put together form quite misty but still melodic tunes. Besides of Dominik’s vocal we can only hear one guest; Ela Tolstová of Tolstoys.

This gives us an impression of a mosaic of both of their voices mixed with instrumental passages. We can hear Ela in “Cesta” and “Dievča” and usually I’m very strict about Slovak language in electronic music but it fits here just right.

Furthermore, the song “Dievča” (Girl) itself is as fragile and innocent as only a girl can be.

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