Between soul and urban, Spanish and English, a great new single from Nikola.

Last year, undoubtedly, was Nikola’s year. She has been playing by herself, and side by side with top names in the local Dominican music scene for awhile.

Her first production, “Kulebra”, which also appeared in our Best of 2019, was a hybrid of Dominican sounds mixed with soul, R&B and pop music. When “Kulebra” hit the scene it was a sensation. It opened a new path for Nikola. We witnessed what she could do with her voice and style. Now, in 2020 she released a new single, “No le de tó”.

In “No lo de tó”, her lyrics fluctuate between Spanish and English giving the project an endearing quality. For this new single she decided to go the opposite way of “Kulebra” and engaged with more urban rhythms, and a digital sound by the hand of Dominican producer Diego Raposo – who has worked in the past with artists like Mula, Mediopicky, Leton Pé and many others.

In this single we hear Nikola, comfortably, navigating towards a mainstream style different from what we are used to.


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