The fourth album from Nilipek. sounds like a debut album with songs that have been crafted over a long period.

As someone who has followed her career from the very beginning, I find Nilipek.’s fourth album “Uydurduğumuz Oyunlarla” (“The Games We Made Up”) to be the most exciting both in terms of her singing and songwriting style, as well as in sound quality, arrangements, and production.

The album features 11 songs, offering a 45-minute experience. Each track has a unique flavor while still maintaining a cohesive album feel. Special congratulations are due to Berkay Küçükbaşlar and Taner Yücel, who co-produced the album with Nilipek.

Listening to “Uydurduğumuz Oyunlarla” feels like experiencing a debut album with songs that have been crafted over a longer period. Although there isn’t a significant gap between her previous album and this one, she has managed to maintain a diverse range of songs.

This may be due to the various experiences she has had over the past two years, and I believe we can also see the influence of the significant changes in Türkiye that we have lived through in recent years.

I don’t want to influence your own impressions of the songs and the music, so I’ll keep my comments short and informative. I hope you enjoy this album and that it creates different meanings for you too.

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