Nina Kinert

A duet performed by Nina Kinert and Samuel T. Herring, the single “Chapped Lips” is sowing the seeds of love.

Sweden’s Nina Kinert really has served up a musical and visual masterpiece in collaboration with Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring on new “Chapped Lips”.

It’s the second single from Nina Kinert’s new album “Romantic”. Worthy of standing tall with her previous best-known tracks “Beast” and “Through Your Eyes”, it’s a wonderful piece of anthemic electronic indie.

“It was always written as a duet, but it was hard finding the right singer and voice to fit the story. I wanted the voice to feel experienced, like it “had lived”, without belonging to an old man. When I thought of Sam, everything made sense”, Nina says.

The song is about the physical effect burning love has to your face. More specifically the red and sore lips you get from making out like teenagers. It’s a simple and relatable story of experiencing and looking back at young love… Let’s love like 17!


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