Niña Tormenta

Tiare Galaz, performing under the nickname Niña Tormenta, is a Chilean songwriter who has gained plenty of recognition in the local scene thanks to her experience of performing and working with the “cultural-squad” Capitán Cobalto.

Niña Tormenta made a great job with her nostalgic, chill and warm 9-track new album “Loza“, that perfectly resembles her feelings. It was recorded with Diego Lorenzini (VariosArtistas, Tus Amigos Nuevos) at home.

Galaz did not only feel comfortable there, but she also took advantage of what was happening around her house. Rain from the sky, sadness from inside her and love from her family and friends made “Loza” a fine piece of art that ought to get straight into everyone’s heart.

Niña Tormenta and Lorenzini created the album artwork, which is based on the design of a typical plate that can be found in most of the Chilean middle-class homes. The sound was mastered by Arturo Zegers in Estudios Triana.

Released ahead of the album premiere, here’s a beautiful single “Canción Nueva”, which is a great introduction to “Loza”.

Stream “Loza” on Bandcamp and YouTube.


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