Niño de Elche

Sevilla-based Francisco Contreras has been known for throroughly unique live events, which don’t really suit standard definitions of a “concert” or a “performance”. But his studio recordings are as unique.

“Voces del Extremo” is his latest one. Collecting a decade of experiences, politically and socially engaged and poetic at the same time, as musically reach as you can imagine – and thus ever more than his five previous efforts escaping easy categories.

Produced by Daniel Alonso (Pony Bravo), the album is modern and forward-thinking, but its bias brings an old-school atmosphere of making musical statements that matter, even if some listeners will feel hurt.

While you can stream Niño de Elche’s “Voces del Extremo” LP in its entirety here, check out below the video for the stunning single “Mercados”.

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