Nir Shlomo (ניר שלמה)

On his outstanding new album, Israeli singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Nir Shlomo discovers a new world for himself, and for us.

Nir Shlomo compares working on new albums to walking on a thin rope, but without knowing where – and if – it ends. So for him, it’s also a bit like chasing the end of a rainbow.

For Nir Shlomo Koplowicz, a 37-year-old musician born in the mid sized city of Kfar Saba, writing his new material was also about creating or discovering a completely new world, and at the same time discovering his inner world, himself.

He hopes it helps us in the same quest, and while we might not manage to complete that process, don’t worry – he says – I’m not complete, so the album can’t be complete, and don’t you worry if you feel the same thing.

With these thoughtful yet somehow defensive introduction Nir Shlomo seems to be trying to cover his back, but there’s no reason to play it safe: his new album “Lolina” LP (לוליין) might be his best yet and certainly among the best ones we’ve heard in the Israeli scene in the last months (or years).

In spite of all these inner explorations, “Lolina” is a clear and soft record far from the more rockier side of Nir Shlomo we’ve also experienced, while it retains that melancholic vibe we already know – and love.

Stream “Lolina” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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